Say hello to Joe!

Joe owns an adventure gear store. He faces a mountainous problem. Climbing season is getting over and Joe wants to clear his stock and cash in on the remainder of the season.

Happy Climbing

Happy Climbing!

With Smart Retail, Joe customizes a Campaign for his loyal customers that have shopped at his store in the past year on the same days before the season ended. Using Groups, Joe sets up a VZone with a 100m radius around the store for his targeted customers.


Derek, the mountaineering enthusiast

The next day, Derek, a late 20s climber is close to Joe’s shop with his friends when he receives a notification offering him a discount on the latest climbing gear bundle. With Yosemite yet to be scaled, Derek and his friends set for Joe’s store!

Beacons in Sales

Beacons selling premium gear

Joe places beacons near the premium items inside his store. When a customer spends three minutes around the premium item, the beacon sends a notification (offer) to the customers’ device.

Derek Contemplating

Derek is contemplating

Upon browsing the store, Derek catches a pair of premium mountaineering boots. He tries them on to see how they feel and look. Being an expensive pair, he is not sure of buying them. Based on Derek's dwell time near the premium boots section, Smart Retail sends him a notification offering him 20% off the same pair of boots!

New Customers

New customers

Having helped Derek, Joe also wants other customers to download the app and make purchases. He sets up few more beacons around the store to send notifications to first time app downloaders within the store to provide them with special offers.


Karen, the curious

On seeing Derek save 20% off his dream boots, his friend Karen curiously downloads the app to check her luck. Upon opening the app, Karen receives a welcome message from the store with a 15% discount off any purchase within the next hour!

Derek Karen

With Smart Retail

Derek and Karen are ready to scale the mountains of Yosemite with their new gear and Joe is happy to have cashed in on the climbing season! Joe can use this campaign many times over or create new ones.

Case Study

Beacon-enabled mobile app - Empowering retailers with interactive marketing solution

Softweb Solutions built a beacon-enabled mobile app, custom SDK, and content management system that enable its client to go beyond brick-and-mortar and send more relevant, customized messages to shoppers using state-of-the-art technology.

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