Indoor Navigation System

Indoor navigation helps customers to find the precise location of the product that they want or the place they want to visit inside a building. Our Smart Retail solution provides highly accurate maps of customer locations within the establishment using Bluetooth beacons and smart sensors. It is a combination of indoor navigation and proximity marketing, which enables retailers to provide personalized shopping experience to their customers.

Features of Indoor Navigation System

  • Effective and quick ways across multiple stores for customers
  • Security, indoor tracking and analysis
  • Parking and arrival
  • Anti-theft protection using geofencing
  • Precise location-based services to deliver proximity marketing and way-finding feature
  • Adverts, coupons or offers based on targeted audience, location and their search terms
  • Analytical insights from gathered data

Make an offer that customers can’t refuse

Create precise, impactful customer engagement


Customer enters your shop

Hey Emma, this is your fourth visit so you get 5% of on everything today!

Appreciation as customers leave

Thanks Emma! We hope you had a great shopping experience.

Welcome with a new offer

***SAVE $5 Today*** Get value meal at just $15

Free magazines to read

Delight your customer with latest magazines when he is waiting for a coffee

Route to new arrivals

Why don't you check new arrivals of classic, medieval writers?


Get heatmap, demographics and footprints, and the like

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and create smarter customer experiences

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