Meet Amy

She is an owner of a coffee shop with a keen interest in modern technology. She loves using new technology to maximize brand awareness and create personalized customer experiences.

Divides her customers into various groups

With Smart Retail, Amy can create different groups of customers, which enables her to deliver the right message to the right group. It helps her not only focus her marketing efforts but also create the best possible customer experience with her brand. Today, Amy is going to offer 20% discount to the customers who have visited her coffee shop in the past 2 weeks.


Kylie – A Coffee Enthusiast

Meet Kylie - she is a decaf cappuccino lover. She doesn’t miss a visit to Amy’s shop to have a cup of coffee and explore the latest offers and giveaways. Hands down, Amy makes awesome coffee but another reason why Kylie often visits Amy’s coffee shop is the exclusive offers that save her money.

Coffee Shop

Beacons in coffee

Amy has set up beacons in her coffee shop, which give information about a new coffee flavor and an offer of the day to the customers. Thanks to beacons, Amy can send links of some cool magazines to read online and provide a new level of digital experience to her customers.


Push notifications

As Kylie enters the coffee shop, she gets a push notification greeting her for being a loyal customer and offering her 20% discounts on any items she buys.


Feedback is welcome

But Amy also wants to know what her customers have got to say about her services and coffee flavors. To make it possible, Amy has placed beacons on every table.

Receives Feedback

Amy receives
feedback from Kylie

Amy knows that for any business, it is very important to know what their customers actually think. As soon as Kylie takes a chair, she receives a notification on her phone: ‘Rate us 5 star if you liked the coffee and let us know your suggestions.



Back in the head office, Amy can use the Smart Retail Analytics Dashboard to immediately see how many customers like Kylie have tried the new flavor and what suggestions they have.


With Smart Retail

Amy is excited to get deeper insights into her customers, which helps her provide better customer service and improve in-store experience. Kylie is delighted with a new digital experience and enjoys new flavors and offers at the coffee shop.

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