Beacons are self-contained Bluetooth® Smart devices that can detect customer location inside your store and send them notifications. With Smart Retail you can simply configure and manage your beacons and interact with your audience in unique ways.

Beacon Beacons Ring

Make them an offer they can’t refuse

Why Beacons?

Cost Effective


Beacons are very small, inexpensive Bluetooth devices that you can easily peel and stick in your store, conference hall, venue, museum, etc.



Beacons use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) network technology to transmit data that can accurately measure positioning down to inches

Long Life


Beacons are highly reliable as they are packed with a long-life battery and highly durable materials, which you can place anywhere.

Create precise, impactful customer engagement


Customer enters your shop

Hey Emma, this is your fourth visit so you get 5% of on everything today!

Appreciation as customers leave

Thanks Emma! We hope you had a great shopping experience.

Welcome with a new offer

***SAVE $5 Today*** Get value meal at just $15

Free magazines to read

Delight your customer with latest magazines when he is waiting for a coffee

Route to new arrivals

Why don't you check new arrivals of classic, medieval writers?


Get heatmap, demographics and footprints, and the like

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and create smarter customer experiences

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